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Health and Well-Being Resources

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Health and Well-Being Resources and Services

  • Hospitals and Medical Resources
    Greater Lafayette hospitals and trauma centers.
  • Counseling
    Information and links (where available) on counseling services available to the Greater Lafayette community.
  • Crisis Intervention
    Phone numbers, information, and links to websites (if available) to organizations that provide emergency counseling services to the Greater Lafayette community.
  • New Directions, Inc
    New Directions, Inc. is a United Way agency providing drug, alcohol and gambling treatment services to Tippecanoe county and outlying areas.
  • Advocacy and Support Groups

  • MOMS Club of West Lafayette-West
    Not-for-profit group that supports mothers and their children and provides them with activities to do during the daytime hours. There are four chapters of MOMS Club in the Greater Lafayette area.
  • Senior Citizen's Services
  • TippecaKnees
    The Tippecanoe County Knee Replacement Support Group -- "TippecaKnees" -- is a support group intended for anyone who is considering having Total Knee Replacement (TKR) or who has recently had it done. Hip replacement patients welcome as well.
  • Youth Recreation and Advocacy
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