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Religious Organizations in Greater Lafayette

  • Non-Denominational
  • Pagan
  • Pentecostal
  • Presbyterian
  • Reformed Church in America 
  • Synagogues
  • Seventh-Day Adventist
  • Unitarian Universalist
  • United Church of Christ
  • Wesleyan
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    Church and Organization Listings

    African Methodist Episcopal

    Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church
    820 Ferry Street, Lafayette [map]
    Phone: 765-423-1300


    Apostolic Faith Assembly
    100 Murphy, Lafayette [map]
    Phone: 765-474-5042

    Apostolic Tabernacle
    3824 State Rd 38 E, Lafayette [map]
    Phone: 765-448-9787

    Christ Memorial Temple
    3801 Union Street, Lafayette [map]
    Phone: 765-447-9190

    Whole Truth Apostolic Faith Assembly
    901 S. 19th Street, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-742-7799

    Assembly of God

    Bethel Christian Life Center Assembly of God
    2541 US Hwy 52 W, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-463-0956

    Eastside Assembly of God
    6121 East 50 South, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-447-5687
    Fax: 765-449-0597

    First Assembly of God
    108 Beck Lane, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-474-1432

    Baha'i Faith

    Bahá'í Community of West Lafayette
    1120 Eton Street, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-586-0525

    Baptist Churches

    Brookston Federated Church
    P.O. Box 286
    202 Wood Street
    Brookston, IN 47923
    Phone: 765-563-6323

    Faith Baptist Church
    5526 SR 26 E, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-448-1986

    Federated Church of West Lafayette
    2400 Sycamore Lane, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-463-5564

    First Baptist Church
    411 N. Seventh Street, Lafayette, IN 47901
    Phone: 765-742-5223

    Grace Baptist Church
    1395 Neil Armstrong Drive, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-497-1815

    Kossuth Street Baptist Church
    2901 Kossuth Street, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-448-1620

    Second Baptist Church
    2925 S. 18th Street, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-477-7259

    Baptist (Independent)

    Cornerstone Baptist Church
    2400 Edgelea Drive, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-471-1555

    Lighthouse Baptist Church
    1730 E 430 S, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-471-0300

    Southern Baptist Convention

    Calvary Baptist Church of West Lafayette
    2552 Soldiers Home Rd, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-463-2622

    Baptist Church 1st Hispanic
    504 N. 28th, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-449-0225

    Country Lane Baptist Church
    5872 E 50 S, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-447-5620

    East Tipp Baptist Church
    5300 East 300 North, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-589-3587

    Elston Family Church
    2424 US Hwy. 231 S, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-474-2950

    Lafayette First Southern Baptist Church
    1051 E 430 S, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-474-9603

    Westside Southern Missionary Baptist Church
    3940 Lindberg Road, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-447-7240

    Bible Churches

    Battle Ground Bible Church
    2430 E 600 N, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-567-2844

    Fellowship Bible Church
    2111 State Street, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-474-2166

    Catholic Churches

    Blessed Sacrament Church
    2224 Sacramento Drive, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-463-5733

    St. Boniface Church
    318 N. 9th, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-742-5063

    St. Ann's Church
    612 Wabash Ave, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-742-7031

    St. Lawrence Church
    1916 Meharry, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-742-2107

    St. Mary's
    1207 Columbia, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-742-4440

    St. Thomas Aquinas Center
    535 State Street, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-743-4652

    Sisters of Saint Joseph
    1021 Central, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-477-6639

    Charismatic Churches

    Dayspring Christian Ministries
    3504 Morehouse Rd, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-463-6968

    New Life Foursquare
    3510 S CR 150 E, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-477-7907

    Victory Christian Center
    10 N. Earl Ave., Lafayette
    Phone: 765-447-7777

    Christian Churches

    Brady Lane Church of Christ
    2701 Brady Lane, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-474-1633

    Crossroads Christian Church
    SR 43 (1 mile North of I-65), West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-567-8910

    First Christian Church
    329 N. 6th, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-742-4058

    Joshua House
    24 Russell Street, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-743-1580

    Linnwood Church of Christ
    1508 N. 16th, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-742-4318

    Purdue Christian Campus House
    409 Russell Street, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-746-2917

    West Lafayette Christian Church
    1980 Lindburg Rd, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-463-7995

    University Church
    320 North Street, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-743-3861

    Christian & Missionary Alliance

    Maple Ridge Community Church
    3504 Morehouse Road, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-497-4509

    Christian Reformed

    Christian Ministry Center
    1000 W. State Street, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-743-3311

    Lafayette Christian Reformed Church
    1200 Tippecanoe Street, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-742-4292

    Sunrise Christian Reformed Church
    909 E. 510 South, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-471-9548

    Church of Christ

    Church of Christ
    2501 Elmwood Drive, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-447-2874

    Church of Christ
    1850 Woodland Ave, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-463-9947

    Church of Christ-Lafayette
    405 N. Creasy Lane, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-447-1480

    University Church
    (United Church of Christ and Church of Christ Disciples)
    320 North Street, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-743-3861

    Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

    Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
    14 Waldron, West Lafayette (Purdue)
    Phone: 765-743-4632

    Church of God

    First Church of God
    426 S. 16th, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-742-2683

    Eastern Orthodox

    St. Alexis Orthodox Church
    1418 S. 24th Street, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-446-9139

    Episcopal Churches

    Episcopal Campus Ministry
    435 W. State Street, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-743-1347

    St. John's Episcopal Church
    315 N. 6th, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-742-4079


    Evangelical Mennonite Church
    2523 Kossuth, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-447-4562

    Evangelical Covenant Church
    3600 South 9th Street, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-474-4842

    Riverside Covenant Church
    2639 Yeager Road, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-463-4600

    River Valley Evangelical Church
    [No address provided -- call for info], West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-497-2680


    Good Shepard Lutheran Church
    YWCA 6th & Cinncinnati, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-567-5223

    Grace Lutheran Church
    4450 Old Romney Rd, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-474-1887

    Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
    1005 N. 21st, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-447-4205

    Our Savior Lutheran Church
    300 W. Fowler, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-743-2931

    Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
    1709 S. 9th, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-474-8955

    Redeemer Lutheran Church
    510 Lindburg Ave, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-463-5851

    St. James Lutheran Church
    800 Cincinnati, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-423-1616

    University Lutheran Church
    100 S. Chauncey Ave, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-743-2472


    Evangelical Mennonite Church
    2523 Kossuth Street, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-447-4562

    Living Faith Mennonite
    603 Meridian, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-743-4876


    First Free Methodist Church
    2111 South Street, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-447-5533

    Brown Street United Methodist Church
    905 Brown Street, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-742-1316

    Christ United Methodist Church
    3610 S. 18th Street, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-474-4313

    First United Methodist Church
    102 N. Chauncey Ave, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-743-1285

    Trinity United Methodist Church
    404 N. 6th Street, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-742-1288

    Congress St. United Methodist Church
    2010 Congress, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-447-4158

    Grace United Methodist Church
    615 N. 22nd Street, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-447-4152

    Heritage United Methodist
    3111 N 350 E, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-429-5130

    Mt. Zion United Methodist Church
    2223 W 500 N, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-463-1281

    St. Andrew United Methodist Church
    333 Meridian, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-743-2783

    STIDHAM United Methodist Church
    5300 S 175 W, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-474-2806

    University Church
    320 North Street, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-743-3861


    Islamic Center
    Muslim Students' Association Purdue
    1022 First Street, West Lafayette


    Lafayette Church of the Nazarene
    201 S 500 E, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-447-7655

    Non-Denominational Churches

    Calvary Chapel
    2307 SR 25 W, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-477-7744

    Dayspring Christian Ministries
    3504 Morehouse Road, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-463-6968

    Emmanuel Bible Church
    3291 Soilders Home Road, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-497-9796

    Harvest Chapel
    724 Wabash Avenue, Lafayette

    Southside Church
    PO Box 4993, Lafayette, IN 47903
    Phone: 765-404-0807

    Tippecanoe Christian Center
    Phone: 765-742-4320

    Pagan Groups

    Lafayette Area Pagan Alliance (LAPA)
    P.O. Box 371, Lafayette, IN 47902
    Phone: 765-423-4816

    Pagan Academic Network (PAN)
    Meets Sundays @ 7:00p at Stewart Center.

    Pentecostal Churches

    New Life Foursquare
    3510 S CR 150 E, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-477-7907

    Lafayette Pentecostal Church of God
    3616 South 9th Street, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-474-2902

    House of Prayer Pentecostal Church of God
    1220 Cinncinati, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-742-3278


    Bethany Presbyterian Church (USA)
    3305 Longlois Drive, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-447-2662

    Brookston Federated Church
    P.O. Box 286
    202 Wood Street
    Brookston, IN 47923
    Phone: 765-563-6323

    Central Presbyterian Church
    31 N. 7th Street, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-742-8481

    Covenant Presbyterian Church
    Knox Drive, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-463-7303

    Dayton Memorial Presbyterian Church
    SR 38, Dayton
    Phone: 765-296-3199

    Faith Presbyterian Church
    3318 SR 26 W, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-743-3683

    Hope Chapel Presbyterian Church
    505 S. 3rd Street, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-742-7257

    Presbyterian Chruch in America Fellowship
    Contact John and Kim Lumkes
    2343 Staggerwing Lane
    Lafayette, Indiana 47909
    Phone: 765-523-2496

    Stidham Memorial Presbyterian Church
    375 Elston Rd, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-474-3881

    University Church
    320 North Street, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-743-3861

    Reformed Church of America

    First Reformed Church of Lafayette
    1718 N. 15th Street, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-742-4940

    Community Reformed Church
    2501 S. 18th Street, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-474-5551


    Sons of Abraham Synagogue
    661 N. 7th Street, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-742-2113

    Temple Israel
    620 Cumberland Ave, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-463-3455

    Seventh-Day Adventists

    Seventh Day Adventist Church
    3509 Soldiers Home Rd, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-463-1221

    Eternal Gospel Fellowship
    4100 Jackson Hwy, West Lafayette
    Phone: 765-490-1791


    Unitarian Universalist Church
    17 S. 7th Street, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-742-0460

    United Church of Christ

    Immanuel United Church of Christ
    1526 South 18th Street, Lafayette, IN 47905
    Phone: 765-474-6496


    Schuyler Avenue Wesleyan Church
    2040 Schuyler Ave, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-742-2290

    South Side Wesleyan
    1525 Grove, Lafayette
    Phone: 765-742-7842