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Moving and Change of Address Checklist

When moving there are so many people that you have to inform of your new address. You need to cancel the utilities at the old home, and schedule utilities to be turned on at the new home. You need to set up mail forwarding with the post office, and let all of your creditors (credit cards, banks, etc), know about your new address. Plus, you have to worry about packing your entire household up and transporting it from the old home to the new home.

If you're moving out of state, or more than an hour from where you live currently, make sure you don't forget important things such as clothes still at the cleaners and things stored away in safety deposit boxes. When we're in a hurry, things that are out of sight, are out of mind and are the most likely to be forgotten.

Here is a checklist to help you remember all of the important things that must be done before you move.

Utilities and Services
Internet Service
Post Office (Set up mail forwarding)


Banking Documents
Change address with your bank
Savings Account
Safety deposit box contents

Don't Forget...
Old phone books (to stay in touch with old friends)
Items at the cleaners
Anything in secret hiding places

Remember to notify...
Your accountant
Any groups/associations you're a part of
You and your spouse's respective workplaces (even if you're changing jobs)
Schools (Don't forget to get school records)
Remember to get a new driver's license

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