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Greater Lafayette Government

Learn more about the local political scene and about the policies, laws and lawmakers by checking out some of these sites:

Greater Lafayette is the peaceful, award winning community it is due in large part to our wonderful Law Enforcement Agencies. We currently have links to:

We will add more links as they become available.

To become an active participant in the democratic process, you have to get out to the polls and vote! So where can you vote in Tippecanoe County and how does one register to vote? Here are the answers:

Wondering who you can call to voice your opinion, express a concern, or report a problem? Check out our list of Elected and Appointed Officials. So keep up with the political scene and get involved...write letters and voice your opinion!

The following locales are not currently available: Dayton, Battleground, and officials of other towns in Tippecanoe County. We plan to have them available "real soon now".

If you're looking to get involved in the democratic process, joining a politically active organization is a great way to do it. In fact, the representive form of government we have is based on the assumption that everyone's voice will be heard because people will join groups that have views and opinions similar to their own, and the collective voice of those groups will be loud enough to get the attention of their elected officials. So if you're fed up about something, have an idea to make something better, or just want to voice an opinion....