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Standard Listing

Standard Listings include your business or organization's name, address, phone number and hours (if desired), and a hyperlink to your website or other document (i.e. a link to a PDF of a menu for restaurants, or a downloadable rate sheet, etc.)
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Joe's Store
123 Elm Street (Map), Lafayette, IN
Phone: 765.555.1234
Website: www.joes-store.com
Hours: 8:00a-8:00p M-F; 10:00a-10:00p Sat; Closed Sun


Enhanced Listing

Enhanced Listings include all of the features of a standard listing, plus up to 50 words of descriptive copy and a full color graphic or logo to draw attention to your listing. Below is one of the Enhanced Listings that appears in our Real Estate section.
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[ERA Logo]

The Benner Team, ERA Property Connections
Phone: 765-449-1000
Email: Nikki.Benner@era.com
Website: www.eralafayette.com

At ERA Property Connections you will feel like a friend, not just a number. We offer complete buyer representation and top notch home marketing. Browse our website for more benefits of working with ERA and a detailed home search. Ready to start looking? Log on now! Remember only ERA can guarantee "We will sell your house , or ERA will buy it!" Terms and conditions apply.


Showcase Listing

Showcase listings enjoy premium page position and feature everything included with the Enhanced Listing plus a distinctive border and highlighted background to set them apart from the others. Below is an actual Showcase Listing that appears in our Dining Guide.
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Moe's Southwest Grill

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332 E. State St. (Wabash Landing, between Borders and Starbucks)
West Lafayette, 765-743-5000
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Moe's Southwest Grill

See Moe's Menu
Moe's fanatical about fresh food. You eat lunch, the ingredients were prepared that morning; you eat dinner, the ingredients were prepared that afternoon all fresh, all from scratch (we don't even own a freezer). Also, our chicken and steak are marinated and grilled, and we don't use lard or animal fat.