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Banners and Graphic Ads

Graphic Ads Build Brand Recognition

Think of graphic ads and banners as investments in mental real estate. Everytime someone sees your ad, even though they may not be consciously taking note of the ad, their brain is filing away the image for future reference. The more times your brand is seen by the consumer, the more likely your brand will be what comes to mind the next time your type of goods or services are needed.

Graphic ads are available on nearly all of the interior and top pages of Lafayette Online; however, the number of graphic ads per page is limited to preserve the quality of content and to not disrupt the layout of the page. There are several sizes of graphic ads available:

Full size banner ad:

(468x60) One banner ad is available on the Lafayette Online homepage. Ad is displayed "above the fold" for maximum exposure. Images should be GIF or JPG. Animations are acceptable, as long as they are not obnoxious or annoying (e.g. "punch the monkey for a prize", etc)
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Half-size banner ad:

(234x60) Available only on news pages (Community News, Business News, Arts and Culture News, and Purdue News). Rotates with other half-size banner ads. Images should be GIF or JPG, and animations are acceptable. All RSS headlines direct users to pages that will carry these half banner ads.
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Tombstone Ads:

(120x60, 120x90, 120x120, etc) Tombstone ads are available only on the homepage, news pages, and the Real Estate and Homes Guide. They are static and do not rotate. (Static ads have a much higher number of impressions).
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