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Golf Clubs and Equipment

From beginners to pros, GigaGolf has everything for the golfer, including the build your own online eFit system that helps you design perfect, custom golf clubs to improve your game. In addition to the resources available on the website, you can also speak to a club fitting specialist over the phone, order instructional videos and more. Gift certificates are available.

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GigaGolf, Inc.

Turbo Power H.R.G 2 Ti
If you're the kind of golfer who isn't concerned with the limits the USGA places on golf equipment, you'll enjoy the extra oomph you get from the HRG.
Z Tech Ti
The Z Tech Ti is a 340 cc driver that is for players who like a forgiving oversize head and the high impact provided by titanium.
V90 Forged Ti
Take advantage of the absolute latest technology in titanium drivers with the V90 Forged Ti. This is the driver preferred by serious golfers.
Utility: Axis Chipper
The Axis chipper allows the average player to use a putting stroke to get close to the hole and one putt on a regular basis.
Putter: Bionic 107
Gigagolf's standard configuration putter comes with a "First Quality True Temper" steel shaft and Lamkin Crossline pistol grip.
Putter: Ecliptic 3-Ball
A three-ball alignment system is designed to provide the golfer with an advantage by creating an easy means of visually aligning the stroke path. Near flawless accuracy on putts 10 feet or less is practically guaranteed.